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I have taken this opportunity today to address this price wars that is ruining the web designing industry in Zimbabwe. Due to the economic challenges being face by the country at the moment, we have seen a rise in the so-called web site designers, some of them with little or no experience at all. We have seen some charging for as low as $50 for a website. Is this really feasible? One may ask.


Though it is now difficult to find a professional website designer the lines below will help you in choosing and authenticating a web designer / developer:

1. A good designer will walk you through the design process rather than just rushing and putting a price tag on his services.

2. A good designer will produce a demo website for the client to approve before moving over to design the whole site.

3. A good designer will speak in a language that you understand, not web designing jargon.

Before committing your project to a designer, always ask for the designer's portfolio to authenticate his experience. 

Last but not least a web designer / developer will walk you through from the preliminary stages and will leave your website only.

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