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Driving business value through the Internet of Things in Africa

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the ability to transform the lives of citizens, providing tangible solutions to many of society’s ills. That said, partnerships between the public and private sector will be key in ensuring that these are fully realised.

“It is important to understand that IoT is not a technology, but rather an ecosystem of connected ‘things’ that can only be enabled through partnerships among industry players,” says George Kalebaila, senior research manager at IDC Sub-Saharan Africa.

Choosing a domain name: Everything you need to know

Picking a name for a new business is a weighty task – if your company is successful, the name you select will be with you for years, perhaps even decades. It may even feel like choosing the wrong name could end your chances of success before they’ve even begun. If you’re planning to take your business online, either at launch, or at some point in the future, things can get even more complicated. With many of the best domain names taken, you may not be able to turn your dream business name into a website name. This guide will help guide you through the pitfalls of picking a business name and a domain name.

Technology is a key driver to overcome healthcare challenges in Africa

Healthcare in Africa differs widely, depending on the country and also the region—those living in urban areas are more likely to receive better health care services than those in rural or remote regions.  Many communities lack clean water and proper sanitation facilities, particularly in rural areas.  This means that illnesses caused by poor hygiene, such as cholera and diarrhoea, are common in some countries.

Buying a Computer Tutorial

Knowing what to look for when buying a computer can be confusing. In this section of my site I try to make it a little easier by offering a few suggestions. 

A Desktop or Laptop?

If you want to save space, you may consider purchasing a laptop. Over the years, laptops have pretty much caught up with desktops in terms of features and performance, coming with several USB ports and Firewire for attaching external devices, dual core processors and large hard drives just to name a few. There are also cheaper notebooks for basic tasks. See the page on laptops. However, should you decide on a PC, keep reading below. 

Web Site vs Domain Name vs Hosting – what are the differences?

A website consists of files (like index.html, index.php, images, .css files, etc.) and in many cases a database.  When you have a website, you need it to be accessible 24/7 so that your visitors can browse it.

Hosting is the space on a server where your website's files and database are located and accessed by your visitors and search engine bots.

or a site visitor to be able to see a site, they need to know the Internet address where the server that has the site files is hosted. This address is called an Internet Protocol address or an IP Address. IP addresses look like this: